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  1. After having so many issues I have figured out the issue. There was a windows update last night..... Windows has been known to mess up my computer from time to time so I figured it was the issue here. I went into my settings > updates & security > view update history > and uninstall updates. Uninstalled ALL files I could from he previous update and restarted my computer and now it works perfectly. Hope this helps somebody.
  2. I am also having this issue, windows wyd fam? I will try to restore my previous version of windows and check back in. Okay ya'll it WAS the windows update. I had so many issues with trying to get technic open and using 64 bit before but AFTER uninstalling the windows update it is working again how it should. Go to settings > Updates & Security > View Update History > Uninstall Updates. After that uninstall any of the updates you can from the previous update and restart your computer. There should be three you can uninstall.
  3. So I am trying to play some minecraft, as usual, but technic won't launch. The Java icon shows up on my start bar and disappears after a couple seconds. I read some forums and reinstalled java and it finally opened. I tried to run a game and then it said I did not have enough RAM so I closed the application to make sure I had a 64 bit installed. I did, so I got back on and it is only showing a 32 bit version. I have uninstalled Java multiple times now through it's uninstaller AND windows and any of my files. Then ONLY downloaded java 64 bit. Technic launcher will not open at all no matter how many times i reinstall technic or java. Any help would be appreciated. Update: I installed a standard java, unsure of bit but most likely 32 bit, and the launcher will open. Only when I have JUST a 64 bit downloaded does the launcher not open at all. And yes my system is a 64 bit system. If both 32 and 64 are installed launcher will open but not detect 64 bit.