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  1. Figured it out the zip file in itself had an extra folder holding the sub folders. When you zip the file ONLY zip bin, config, and mods folders.
  2. I've done several things to upload a modpack and tried to get it to run several times. I've now gotten the pack to download the zip file and run, but the game wont launch forge. Here is the link to the modpack basic files: (I did change the end to dl=1 so it does download) Here is the link to the modpack itself: (please don't mind the pictures) Whats in the files; bin - Forge recommended universal version for 1.12.2, Config - the config files from a fresh mine craft game for all the mods, mods - theres about 70-80 mods. I've seen some people say if you don't download mods from a reliable source they tend to make Technic and Forge to clash and not work, but a good portion of my modlist came from another modpack and multiple cursed forge downloads. Here's some images of whats all in the modpack folder and when i run the game: