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  1. so guys i was doing a cool modpack to play with the boys but it doesn't open it ,it just pops the minecraft 1.12.2 vanilla screen i did exactly as the tutorials said over and over and nothing changes can someone help?? modpack below https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/uskorno-brazzers.1640370 obs(dont mind name or ricardo at icon) kkkkkk
  2. i was playing with a friend but suddenly game crashed, and i was unnable to connect to the server, i then closed an opened again and this error was reported: Attempting to extract file pixelmon-513-pro-2.11.zip, but it did not exist. i then erased the modpack and downloaded it all over again and the same error appeared can someone help me??
  3. i just group up with some friends and payed a host to support our server and was an big effort to configure that but in the end we had problem with the modpack in the techinic launcher that opens the normal minecraft vanilla without mods and even the load screen of forge , i followed many tutorials saying the same thing to file the bin,config and mods folders and send the adress to the dropbox but after all it doesnt run , just open the normal vanilla , in the folder the mods are still there but does not work someone can help??
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