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  1. Well, I just bought Minecraft for 23,95€ (I am poor) and it did not work. Please, I am desperate.
  2. ''Delete the pack'' ''Play'' or: ''Modfy By hackphoenix.com''
  3. https://paste.dimdev.org/abiludotow.mccrash There it is.
  4. Hello! I am having a problem since the newest update of the Yao Pack's pack (5 days ago [today is the October 25th at 00:37]), the 3.1.10 version. I play with 3 friends, one of us can still go in and play, the other one and me, cannot. We all have different computers. I am using a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (192-bit) and my other friend (which game's doesn't work) is using a Raedon(TM) RX 460 Graphics. I have my RAM up to use 8GB and so is he. I have tried 12GB. I have deleted everything between the ''[ ]'' after ''resourcepack:'' in the options.txt file inside the yaopack folder. I have downloaded the latest version of java, and I have downloaded and dropped the ''legacyjavafixer-1.0'' java file into my mods folder into the modpack (Yaopack) folder. I also have contacted the mod author, he said, and I quote: ''I'm trying to figure out what might be causing the problem'' last monday, ever since, he hasn't been answering; I am reaching out to the community, please help. We had a beautiful world and we want to keep playing in it. Thank you!