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  1. This Modpack adds unlimited building limited up and down, Decorate your builds with colored lights that produce colored light, Explore dungeons underneath the ground. This modpack is for 1.12.2 forge Link to technic page https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/mystics-cubic-chunks-modpack.1601854 Recommended that at least 8gb or higher to play the modpack but may run on 6gb (anything under 8gb is untested and might not run!) Modlist VertricalSpawnControl StrorageDrawers ProjectRed - Lighting ProjectRed - Base Pam's HarvestCraft MrTJPCore movingworld Mo' Glowstone malisiscore JustAFewFish ForgeMultipart foamfix FastLeafDecay FasterLadderClimbing Extended+ItemsOres ElevatorMod(OpenBlocks) DynamicLights davincisvessels CWGfarplaneview cubicworldgen opencubicchunks CTD-Core CoralReef ColoredLights CodeChickenLib Chameleon BiomesOplenty BetterFPS Aroma1997's Dimensional World Aroma1997's Core albedo rougelike dungeons ReGenCWG Cloud Control My discord server for question about the modpack or for suggestion for the modpack https://discord.gg/d7ByAXJ
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