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  1. Type of Bug: In-Game Bug - Reproduction rate: 10/10 (everytime) - Steps to reproduce: Opened Technic Launcher started Blightfall Blightfall loads Load my world "waowh" (The name of the world) Blightfall crashes Back to Techic Launcher menu - Expected result: My Blightfall world should load and be ready to play. - Observed result: Blightfall crashes and the launcher menu reappears - Logs: Launcher Log: (Technic launcher crash report) - Additional Comments: This world was an old world that tried to put back into a new blightfall modpack. I have since then, switch my Minecraft/Mojang-name (DK_toby to TobyCoff) also, as I said the world is old, from 2015 august I think (but the last time I used the world, was 2019 august-september).