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  1. I didn't say it caused me to disconnect, I disconnect and the lag ceases to exist after that, I only have 300 ping when I am on the server as soon as I leave my ping goes back down to 30ms. Its a server I am hosting through a 3rd party website, everyone else that plays on it does not have this issue or anything like it and haven't in the past when I used this same hosting service. Its persisted through multiple modpacks no matter what I do it always happens eventually. Sorry for the confusion, didn't mean to say latency. Below is my ping before connecting to the server and during, its clear which is which, lower being not on the server and higher while connected. I'd like to reiterate this is the ONLY game that I've had this problem with and its been on ANY server I have joined. Not just private servers.
  2. It seems completely normal by the looks of it, tested it multiple times then tried connecting to the server and still have the same issue of intense latency lag, disconnect and its gone 😔.
  3. I'm not really sure how tracert works or what I'm looking for so here is the screenshot of the cmd (with any potentially sensitive info blacked out) of me going into cmd, typing tracert and the ip of the server I'm connecting to, looks normal I think? The rest were just Request timed out after the last 39ms test.
  4. I've had an issue for the past couple years and I have never been able to explain it, I've looked on almost every forum and tried just about everything, upgraded my pc and changed settings left and right but can never find a solution anywhere. I have good ping on any other game I play, I hover around 30ms sometimes 50ms, but the instant I connect to my server (which is 3rd party hosted, but is in the same region as me) my ping goes up to 300-400ms. Making it completely unplayable. I've tried moving far away from any other players, starting a new test world on a fresh server. In the beginning of a server nothing happens, ping is low and everything works fine, but seemingly after playing for a couple individual sessions of around 4-6 hours it starts the lag again, I have snooper off and the only other thing I have open is discord and some background programs, I've tried closing everything but minecraft but it doesn't change anything. I've contacted my ISP and they have no answers either. Does anyone have any theories as to why this is happening? I've noticed that the lag is similar in comparison to when I upload things for work related things, but much worse. I also have around 8gb of ram allocated, can go up to 12 if needed (which it isn't for the current pack I'm running [1.12.2 pack]). Any help would be greatly appreciated, tried asking on regular minecraft forums about a year ago but kept getting the same answer that I should just "get better internet". Any legitimate advice/responses would be appreciated.
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