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  1. So basically, I am running into really strange rendering issues such as in the video i linked below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0wqhXuOikM This is one of many cases I have had of this specific render error, I have had these appear randomly across the map both moving and static. Also many chests render invisible at some times and mobs can become a combination of different textures such as in the photo i attatched with the alchemy chest. The textures also sometimes change while playing, normally when i cross chunks. Also typing commands, softlocks the game inside the chatbar only way to make it close is by minimizing the game and maximizing it again or when your player get pushed or teleported.. I also would like to point out that this issue does not appear in other modpacks than classic. Tried both openjdk 7 and openjdk 8, both got the same issues but with jdk7 the effects are not as bad. Someone got the fix for this or know where to start looking? OS Manjaro Linux, latest build with KDE.
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