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  1. Interesting https://www.technicpack.net/profile/7104985 https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/thechickenstaresback.1664894 Slug is fine (`thechickenstaresback`), i want the name `The Chicken Stares Back` (the current name with proper spacing) Thanks!
  2. To clarify, i dont care about the old slug, I only care about the new Modpack Name. The new (still existent) modpack has the correct slug. If modpack names can be anything, including something prexisting, then the attached image shouldn't be possible? It seems like the name is exhibiting the same behavior as the slug.
  3. I created a modpack to mess around with. I renamed it when i decided on a better name ("The Chicken Stares Back"), but realized that the internal name for the pack was still the old one. To avoid confusion, I deleted the original pack and created a new one, but when I tried to use the new name it said it was now taken. I was able to create the pack with the same name without spaces, but now this pack only shows up when searching in the launcher if the complete name is used. I also, a day latter, cannot switch to the name with spaces in it. Is it possible there is some odd caching goi
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