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  1. processor ryzen 3 1300x payment GIGABYTE AM4 B450 B450M DS3H video card PCI-E Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti BP Aerocool VP 450W memory DIMM DDR4 4096Mbx2 PC21300 BP - power supply
  2. I click on the play button, minecraft is launched a little bit loads and ceases to function at all somehow and hangs just plain, a lot of waiting time is not what did not happen, what is the problem?
  3. As you are confused, I do not have the funds to buy a license for minecraft, I thought you have everything simple.
  4. Скачал лаунчер, ничего не меняя, зарегистрировался, подтвердил всё, запустил лаунчер, написал логин и пароль, выдаёт такую ошибку: недопустимые учетные данные. Неверное имя пользователя или пароль. Зашел на сайт написал тот же пароль и логин, смог зайти. Downloaded the launcher without changing anything, registered, confirmed everything, launched the launcher, wrote the username and password, and returns the following error: invalid credentials. Invalid user name or password. I went to the site and wrote the same password and username, and was able to log in.
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