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  1. I reinstalled the pack but now I will update the version of the pack and restart the launcher when updating the pack. Thanks
  2. You are a hero! I updated to location of the modpack but not the version and reinstalled and it looks like it downloaded the old version again. But no matter what caused the problem it working now and that's awesome. Thank you very very much.
  3. When I start the modpack it only opens vanilla minecraft. But when I exchange the modpack.jar file with one from another 1.12.2 modpack it works. That could be a work around but I want to have a new forge version and know which version it is exactly. Because I couldn't start the forge-universal file to extract it I just took it as modpack.jar as someone in the official guides comments suggested. That could be the problem. Modpackside: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/minecolonies-plus.1689028 Not Working: Working: thanks in advance, jolo
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