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  1. Hello, My modpack is not loading forge it is just loading normal 1.16.3 Minecraft. I have already tested all the mods through a forge launcher with the version forge I'm using for the modpack. I have my bin, mods, and config folders and my "forge-1.16.3-34.1.0-universal" is in the bin folder and the forge jar has been renamed "modpack". It is also not named "modpack.jar.jar". Please can someone help me. I really need a fresh set of eyes on this. Here is the modpack link: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/pandademic-server-pack
  2. Thank you to both of you that helped me get this going. It is working great now and I can finally get it all set up.
  3. So I downloaded the installer and looked through it a bit. I thought the set up was simple enough, but I guess I'm missing something on the set up. I was trying to look around for help, because I have a little baby and can't spend all day trouble shooting. Everything I find is only dealing with later minecraft versions. From what I found the technic site set up seems to be out dated and not set for 1.13 and up. So do you happen to know of a form or anything that can lay out the format and set up for me? Also thank you so much for your time and help.
  4. Haha! Awesome, I will give that a shot. Thank you very much.
  5. It is the universal one. everyone and their mom is saying I should use that. So should I use the installer?
  6. Hello, I am trying to make a modpack and seems to be running the normal Minecraft jar and not the 1.15.2 Forge jar. This is what I did to make the mod pack. I started by making my folders which is mods, bin, and config. No caps on the folders. I put the Forge jar in the bin folder and made sure it was set for 1.15.2. I renamed the Forge jar modpack and once again no caps. I got a few small mods to try it out. They are the "DoggyTallents-1.15.2-" and "Xaeros_Minimap_10.11.0_Forge_1.15.2". They were downloaded of the Curse Forge site and I made sure they didn't ne
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