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  1. I'll have to reconsider the whole thing anyway as MCPC doesn't run on java 8 and my host does not have an option for java 7
  2. Thank you for the answers. The only reason I have to connect this to bungeecord is that I have a pre-existing network and I want all servers connected, I don't have much other reason for this. I won't be hosting on apexminecrafthosting, but hopefully it runs smoothly anyway. Thanks alot for the information you've provided me with Regards, Hedrixz.
  3. Hello, I've never created a modded server and I'm not sure how to do it. I've downloaded the serverfiles and I'll it'll be hosted on a proper serverhost and not locally. My questions are: -How to set up -Am I able to use with bungeecord and if so, how? -Am I able to install things such as Essentials in any way? I'd be greatly appreciative if anyone could link me to a couple of articles or explain how to do some of these, thank you!
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