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  1. I think I fixed everything, I'm no longer experiencing any problems with the modpacks in general. However, I am running an open to lan server with hamachi with my gf and she's experiencing some type of lag. Its not frame lag or anything but its like she mines a block but it doesnt drop the item until 30 secs after. Could it be me or on her side? I am also running the mod pack "Enchanted oasis" https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/enchanted-world-oasis.437620
  2. Alright Ill try that although I doubt it'll work considering I just found out that vanilla MC does the same thing after a few mins of gameplay. It definitely has to do with my cpu or memory.
  3. Ill see if these help. Thanks for the help!
  4. This is the modpack I am currently trying to work right now https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/enchanted-world-oasis.437620. Yes I have ran a memory test and tried to reset my RAM. I even had my brother double check my pc parts to make sure everything was installed properly. If we could get in a discord call and maybe you could help me out, it would be very helpful. I just really want to play these modpacks. Here is my discord user (Cheese#9188).
  5. Oh. I went into the modpack folder and tried to pull up the reports or logs and it appears to me that there is nothing within that folder as in the error never happened or something. But its not the technic launcher im having an issue with its more of the custom modpack. I have tried reinstalling java multiple times, did a hard reset on my pc and reinstalled minecraft as well as the modpack and the launcher instelf. This is what I am dealing with and when this happens, it goes back to technic launcher causing me to having to launch the mod pack back up again. This is the file I am tryi
  6. It is a custom modpack and it is called Enchanted Oasis. I have tried other modpacks like skyactory and GT New Horizons. All give the same thing. Here is the logs for when I tried to launch Enchanted Oasis mod pack on technic launcher. Im not entirely sure how to get the log files but I think this it it.
  7. This does not occur in vanilla minecraft. Only on modded minecraft. I have updated all my drivers to the most recent but it still occurs.
  8. So I am experiencing this with all my mod packs and I don't know why this happen but help would be very appreciated. I have this issue where the modpack is fully launched (when it reaches 7/7 and gets to the main menu), it just turns into a black screen and sometimes it would get past that and then I would reach to making a world and few mins after it turns black. I have no clue how to fix this. I attached my pc specs and I also have a 1060 ti. I have tried multiple solutions non have seem to work so far. Please help!
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