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  1. RaytedG


    So the classic pack and a few other packs worked no issues. it's more the fact that its using double the ram that its allocated. My friend runs it fine on his gaming laptop which has 8gb of ram 5gb of which is allocated to the game and runs as it should with an i5 8300H cpu and a 1050m gpu where as my Ryzen 7 2700 and RTX 2070 can hardly manage 50+ fps. Could this be because its prioritizing ram over performance? During the loading process where you see the mods loading its more or less the same on task manager for memory as it shows, but as soon as you join a singleplayer world or multiplayer
  2. RaytedG


    So when playing the 1.12.2 mod pack with the 64bit java and allocated ram set to 5gb the loading of the game is fine (ram typical appears 500mb - 1gb more on task manager then ingame) and when you get to the menu of the 1.12.2 the ram is at 5gb as allocated. However when playing singleplayer or joining a private server the ram spikes and sits at 10gb (16gb of ram installed) The game and launcher has been uninstalled and the computer restarted and downloaded again yet the issue still persists. any help would be appreciated.
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