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  1. Hello, yesterday I played the Tekxit 3 modpack with my friends on a server. Today i wanted to get back to it but everytime i started the launcher it said "OpenSans+c" and was stuck at 0%. Basically it couldn't start. After that I updated Java and it still wouldn't work. Then I deleted Java aswell as the launcher trying to reinstall both. But now I can't download the launcher from the technic website and I dont know which Java version I need. I tried downloading the Launcher from Chip.de but it still wouldn't work. So basically yesterday everything was perfectly fine and today nothing would work. I'm kinda out of ideas at this point. Currently I got "Java 8 update 172 (64-bit)" installed and NO technic Launcher so I can't give u the logs. I hope u guys understood my problem and im thankful for any help.
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