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  1. Apparently all I had to do was install jre1.8.0_251 It works now, but thanks for trying
  2. Yes, I've tried that multiple times and also reinstalled the pack And yes, they are versions 5.3 and R09 respectively
  3. So, I last played Tekkit back in April and everything was fine I decided to get back into it now, and it crashes on the Mojang logo screen B:allowUpdateCheck is set to false but it gives the same error even if set to true Time: 21/07/20 16:27 Description: Initializing game java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 at bspkrs.util.ModVersionChecker.<init>(ModVersionChecker.java:62) at bspkrs.util.ModVersionChecker.<init>(ModVersionChecker.java:39) at bspkrs.util.ModVersionChecker.<init>(ModVersionChecker.java:119) at bspkrs.treecapitator.fml.TreeCapitatorMo
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