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  1. That was a remnant from trying to get it working, the first couple of attempts only had the modpack.jar in it. And I downloaded the recommended 1.12.2 forge installer from the forge site and clicked extract as instructed by the Technic guide to creating a modpack.
  2. Hey so I'm trying to get a custom modpack setup for some friends and I, but whenever I try and run it through the Technic Launcher it always runs vanilla. I've spent hours trying many different solutions and nothing works. I've ran all these mods in single player and they all work. Here's the pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s0tdznqdy4yb863/Thats Amodpack V2.1.zip?dl=1 Any help would be MUCH appreciated as most posts about this I've found don't highlight problems I'm having.
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