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  1. Okie. thanks. Sorry I've never used the forums
  2. I have no idea where to put this because its not in the modpack list and idk where Im supposed to put a crash report or whatever but Imma post it here. Don't lock it again moderator without at least telling me where to put it. I was playing the modpack "SMS+" with my dad for 2 days and it was working great. Except in the middle of a play session it randomly just crashed and I didn't know why. I checked the crash reports and it said optifine wasn't compatible but it was loaded so I dragged that out and it still didn't work so I had no idea. Tried reinstalling and didn't fix it. Now Im thin
  3. Hi I was playing the modpack "SMS+" with my dad and it was working fine for about 2 days and it just randomly crashed in the middle of a session. I checked logs and I don't think I found anything except it saying optifine was not compatible so I drug that out and retried and still crashed I don't know why but any help would be appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i88i9kwwcrwn9wy/crash-2020-11-19_13.25.25-client.txt?dl=0
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