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  1. I actually got the number wrong in my first post, I meant 20%, my bad on that - missed it when reading over the post. I don't have the option to check Cuda any more on the performance tab and I don't have a program to monitor it specifically so all I can do is give you these numbers using my normal settings: Standing just out from one of these spots and spinning around I have utilization 19-20%, 3D usage same, 1.7/6.0gb memory used, GPU temp 50-52C. Standing in one of those spots and turning my camera the same sort of way for 5 minutes (that's when I notice it happening, when I
  2. Hey all, I'm stumped. I'm getting a weird FPS drop in certain places that's quite noticeable and I wondered if anyone might know the reason why. It's only in certain spots of certain chunks and it doesn't matter if I raise or lower my graphics settings. I've tried everything from the lowest possible settings through to the highest possible settings, the game does the same thing - I'm getting tiny little freezes as I'm moving my camera around. I can step back a few blocks and it stops. It's a drop in FPS just under the visible threshold to the point where the game feels like it's lagging.
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