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  1. Thank you, Pyker! :3 You can lock this thread now.
  2. Hello, I downloaded Fabric, from my .minecraft and versions folder I moved it .jar file to my zip and then rename it to modpack.jar
  3. Hello, I cannot download my own modpack (other people can't download too). I enabled debug console and included what is says. Modpack adress: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/harrypottex-pack.1812479 Version: 1.16.4 [B#611] OS: windows 10 [B#611] Identified as windows [B#611] Java: 1.8.0_271 64-bit (amd64) [B#611] minecraft.net resolves to [,,,] [B#611] session.minecraft.net resolves to [,,] [B#611] textures.minecraft.net resolves to [,,,] [B#611] libraries.
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