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  1. Excellent. Thankyou all I think I completely understand now. Just one additional question to add-on to all of this. I have read that some machines will keep a chunk loaded. This seems to be an unknown/unconfirmed factor. Does anyone know if this is true or not and a list of machines that keep a chunk running? Or none at all? I havn't found any machines that keep a chunk active. At least not to my knowledge. The reason I am curious is because if certain machines do indeed keep a chunk running, I don't want to go through the necessary overkill of placing a chunk loading block as well.
  2. Okay so...thats good info. But still a little confused. I think you answered one question for me. The chunk loading block can't be on the has to be on one side or the other? Also, just to clarify, the information I have been reading about a chunk loading block activating 5 chunks is correct and not just 1 like the wiki suggests? Also still curious about their other limitations. So stuff doesn't grow with a chunk loading block in them? Anything else? I've read in other places about redpower computers and pump limitations.
  3. Hello world, I'm new to Tekkit and have to say this has been a great revitalization to my Minecraft play. A friend of mine started a small (5 person) server and we are having some fun going through the pack and experimenting/building. I have tried, on my own, to hammer down answers and details about things I am unsure about, but as this is a growing and complex mod I understand that information is constantly changing. I have been searching through the wiki and forum posts to understand the purple chunk loading block - and the answers I keep finding are non-definitive and seem unreliable. I check the dates for the forum posts and the information I provided below is the most recent related topics I could find about them. So here is what I know : - The wiki simply says, "This block is part of AdditionalPipes and has strange ability to keep the chunk that it is in loaded. This keeps your machines running even when you are not logged in (SMP) as well as when you are far away from your machines. " A noob, like me, reading that would think that only the chunk the block is in would be kept loaded" I have also found other information which throws a wrench in my cognitive gears : - The chunk loading block keeps 5 chunks active. The chunk it is placed in and the 4 adjacent chunks ( like a plus sign) - The chunk loading block keeps an area of 160 blocks around it active because the block acts as simply another player, and by default the game loads chunks based off of the default view distance for Minecraft. - The chunk loading block keeps a 9x9 area active (poster was possibly confused by the now-disabled world anchor blocks?) There are also some additional questions I wanted to ask about the chunk loading blocks : - You can see the chunk lines with the mini-map feature. If one were to place a chunk loading block directly on a chunk line...which chunk would it keep active? Both...or neither? Does it have to be actually inside the chunk itself and not on the border to function? - Also, I have read that the chunk loading block does not currently work with railcraft. Is that still true? Which mod packs does the chunk loading block work with? If anyone can answer these questions for me, update the wiki, or possibly point me to some information that I might have overlooked then I would be very appreciative! As far as the rest of the mod pack goes, I have been having a blast! We had a little trouble with teleport pipes and the buildcraft pipes spitting out blocks and crashing the server (from 2 quarries working overnight), but I was able to track down information and fixes for those topics. Somebody should update the wiki's though with a disclaimer to not leave quarries running or just simple things to watch out for and not make mistakes. Seems like everybody that is new to tekkit makes that same mistake and has pipes spitting out items at unloaded chunks. Anyway, I digress. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light and confirm the simple facts about chunk loading blocks. ~Cast Don't sign your posts