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  1. i am trying to make a dropbox download, but i cant figure out how, could you teach me? EDIT: got it, new link is up
  2. strange, maby someone reported it corupted and now its closed, let me se. EDIT: no i can download it just fine on all of my computers, and i am not eaven loged in.
  3. it does not work on it own, you need to merge it with the original pack, check the insturtions.
  4. yes it can, but i dont have time to do that every time somthing updates.
  5. sorry, but no modpatches suport 32x and I can't rescale them myself
  6. 1 the steves carts textures are not updated in ages. 2 the marble thing is a forge bug so there is nothing you or me can do about it.
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