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  1. I've been trying to install technic for god knows how long now, but I keep getting the same problem. I've changed the location folder, I've tried the portable installation of the file instead of the standard one, I've updated and restarted my PC countless times, and none of the provided solutions are working for me. I'm getting the "Download of http://launcher.technicpack.net/resources/OpenSans+Cyberbit.ttf Failed!" message every time in my logs, and I can't seem to install it manually I've moved around the .technic folder, I've uninstalled and reinstalled TechnicLauncher multiple times, and I'm very lost as to what's going wrong. No clue what anything in the logs mean exactly, but if they're necessary I'll post em here as well, just wasn't sure if the gigantic pile of code was needed in a bug report.
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