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  1. Duly noted. If he made that one too, he can take his sweet farkin time making his mods. Just to clarify, is it SMP friendly?
  2. Cubic Chunks...holy goddam. So would I be able to integrate that with Technic/Tekkit? Would I be able to run a Tekkit server with Cubic Chunks enabled? Because that would be awesome, but from what I can tell it doesn't look like it would play nice with other mods.
  3. Hey guys, I had a mod or two in mind. My ideas was as follows: 1. With the new Anvil chunk format, there are now 256 blocks of height instead of 128. However, MC doesn't reflect this when it generates a world--you still have ~64 blocks of underground/water, ~64 blocks of hills and air, and then 128 blocks of nothing. I would like a mod that would generate a world which takes FULL advantage of the 256 blocks--so it would have ~128 blocks of underground/water, and ~128 blocks of hills and air. Twice as much underground content would allow for much better resource striation than the current system and far more expansive mines (making it harder and less worth it to simply do a bedrock crawl). Twice as much overworld content would make mountains more imposing and would generally make the world more realistic-looking. Anyway, that's Idea #1. 2. This can be bundled with Idea #1, but I thought it could stand alone. Basically, this is an extension of what The_DarthMoogle thought of before--a more realistic resource generation algorithm thingy. Iron should spawn more like it does in real life, scattered through the soil. Coal should spawn in huge veins. Furthermore, it should be more worth it to tunnel into mountains, as it is in real life--as it stands, burrowing into a mountain will get you nothing but scattered coal deposits. This hypothetical mod would place resources inside mountains...say, as calculated by the distance from the average top of the chunk (just throwin ideas out there). This would synergize with the larger mountains offered by Idea #1. Finally, I thought that clay should be placed in a way that's more reflective of how it is in real life--right underneath the topsoil. I'm not sure why it's such a precious resource right now, but it's unrealistic. If there were 2-3 blocks of clay under the topsoil in, say, plains biomes, it would be more of a viable building material than it is right now and wouldn't significantly impact the resource balance in Tekkit (EE being a major exception, but it's not like that balances things anyway). There's Idea #2. Anyway, are either of those possible?
  4. Hey, there's a lot of world-gen questions going on at this board but this is different from the ones I've seen yet. I basically wanted to have a map that took advantage of the full 256-block height of the Anvil world--so that instead of ~64 blocks underground and underwater, ~64 blocks of hills and mountains and air, and 128 blocks of nuthin, you would have a map with maybe 128 blocks of underground and 128 blocks of mountains, hills, and air. It would make for far cooler/more extensive mines, more realistic overworlds, and better resource striation. My question is: 1. Is there a mod or bukkit plugin that does this already? If not, 2. How complex would it be to do it myself? I know just about nothing about modding, but I'm willing to learn. I'm not asking for a tutorial, but on a scale of 1-10 (1 being "increase density of coal deposits" and 10 being "make MC into a turn-based RTS") how hard would this be? What (off the top of your heads) bits would I be changing? I would appreciate some feedback here.
  5. Thank you. Your method worked. FTR: It wasn't creating a duplicate on its own. The method described in the post I linked required *me* to duplicate a file. Having the server on=irrelevant. But hey, whatever. It worked. Thanks!
  6. Launcher/pack Version: Tekkit 2.1 Operating System: Windows 7 64-Bit Version of Java: Java 7 64-Bit Description of Problem: Computers, the main component of ComputerCraft, don't work. I can craft them, place them, etc., but upon opening the GUI I get this: "Failed to load mods/computercraft/lua/bios.lua. Check you have installed computercraft correctly." It won't do a thing. Note: Tekkit itself does not crash. Error Messages: None, Tekkit doesn't crash Link to pastebin of log: N/A Alrighty. This was already answered---kind of. The posted answer did not work (elaborations below) and now that thread is in the Recycle Bin because it was started by a non-sticky-reader. I wanted to get this back in the light of day. The solution provided does not work because it relies on a case-sensitive file system, which my Windows 7 computer does not have. I would need to create an extra version of the ComputerCraft folder in AppData/Roaming/Techniclauncher/tekkit/mods--the new one called computerCraft--but because Windows recognizes this as a repeat, it won't let me create them. As the original file is still necessary, I can't create the new folder somewhere else and copy it in. So, for the Linux folks out there, this should work for you guys (,3536.msg28560.html#msg28560) but it doesn't work for me. Any other solutions floating around?