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  1. I really have been looking at what the point of nuclear reactors and high power energy generators are really mean't for what are you trying to power nothing I can see really needs that amount of power unless its for an array of machines. I really want to know is why would I build a nuclear reactor or better to power uninteresting machinery
  2. I've been working with qcraft and my counting skills are not so good I keep counting wrong is there anything that will let me count the steps I walk
  3. I recently started playing hexxit and felt it needed a few things number one on my list was optifine which I applaud people who actually did it correctly back in the day and number two would be aether, aether is a mess but all the core elements work even though it makes my eyes burn to look at my skin and inventory screen when I have to use different button inputs to access hexxit inventory screen and aether inventory screen. so I it works relatively fine except when it decides to randomly make the aether a black void if I exit my world and re-enter causing me to fall to my death when I was
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