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  1. Nope, this is not bukkit compatiable. Any mods/plugins you want added for this will have to be custom written.
  2. Hey All- if you have any questions or problems please post on the forums here: neonshift.com/forums You can appeal a ban and report any players not following the rules. Thank you!
  3. You don't have to update it, the Technic Launcher will take care of this for you. When you open the Technic Launcher, click Options BEFORE logging in. In the options menu, select use development build (in this case 0.6.0 or choose always use development builds). After that, you can login and play.
  4. The going back 10 minutes thing is because the server locked up and rolls back to the last time it was force saved. We are working our best to keep the server stable. Even with the latest map reset, we still get random lock ups, etc.
  5. Actually, no one that is real staff banned you. The server was hacked somehow yesterday, so we are still in clean up mode. Moving to a new map today, as soon as it is ready. What is your ign?
  6. Server is not dead, however, it was lacking most moderators over Christmas as a lot of them were gone visiting family. Spawn has been cleaned up and any time we see spawn killing the person get's a ban. Mac- I was the one that banned you. If you read the rules at spawn, you will find that spawn killing is a bannable offense. We have had way too many complaints to let it slide any more. Because of that, if we see anyone shooting things at spawn and hitting other players they are banned. I will unban you this time, but please move out of the spawn area before doing what you were doing. I would appreciate that.
  7. Working on resolving this. We are moving to a new server in the next week or so and it should help.
  8. See this link: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/how-to-get-a-hack-mine-server-going-easy.6648/
  9. You obviously did not read my first post about the server. You CANNOT install plugins since this mod does not use Bukkit. Server is online, Minecraft login servers are down right now.
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