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  1. You do know Hawk that even cussing an aggravating someone verbally is considered griefing since You are causing them grief. I dont know what actually happens but we do ban for specific reasons yes we make mistakes but according to what i just read my opinion is to believe Kimbo he was respectful and polite and informative. You on the other hand were rude, disrespectful and just plain insulting. With those taking into consideration anyone would one believe Kimbo over you or two not care what you have to say due to the plain insulting language and disrespectful behavior.
  2. You never know if there is any candy unless you get in the van.

  3. IM NOT A BUTT_HOLE!!!!! oh wait im not a admin nor am i staff lol this server is awesome.
  4. IGN: Sahiden Reason for wanting to become a member: Im looking for a friendly dependable tekkit server and i feel this one will be Why should we accept you: Because im a friendly guy and i love to help out anyone (if you can get me out of my tunnels )
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