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  1. Welcome to Project Icarus -- Merging Magic and Technology -- Quite possibly one of the craziest mod packs out now! Merging the best magic and Technology Mods to create one hell of an ULTIMATE Modpack! Ever wanted to build a massive empire using technology mods but your friend wants to turn himself into a vampire? Well now you can have best of both worlds! The idea of Project Icarus is to merge the best Tech & Magic mods to create UNLIMITED POWEEEERRRR! No seriously. We Have STARGATES (LanteaCraft) We Have THAUMCRAFT! We Have MEKANISM We Have ARS MAGICA And Much, Much more... -- Join
  2. Title: Tekkit Window Keeps Closing Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 Java Version: 7 update 11 Description of Problem: Everytime im playing tekkit classic my window closes ive tried reinstalling tekkit and all the files its realy weird. Please Could Some One Solve This Error Messages: None Window Just Closes Error Log: [12:47:12] [sEVERE] Launcher is starting.... [12:47:12] [sEVERE] Launcher Build: '' [12:47:12] [sEVERE] Allocated 2730.6875 Mb of RAM [12:47:12] [sEVERE] Java VM: '1.7.0_05-b05' [12:47:12] [sEVERE] OS Version: '6.1' [12:47:12] [sEVERE] Is 64-bit: 'tr
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