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  1. Ah, yes. Biofuel and Biomass. Its just I thought there might be oil lol. I guess it adds to the challenge ;)
  2. Hey I love your map but whenever I go through the first Thaumcraft teleport arch and get to the black and white island my game crashes. I tried flying there and it crashed as soon as it came into sight on my map. Not sure why it is doing it so maybe you could help? There was no error report and (sorry) I don't know how to get that without looking at it during the crash. Thanks in advance! EDIT: Redownloaded Technic, worked fine. That seems to fix a lot doesn't it?
  3. Exactly my problem. Hopefully the launcher update will fix it. EDIT: Yeah the update did fix it. Thanks Technic dudes!
  4. Okay well half my problem is solved. I had the wrong version of Java. It now gives me options from 512MB to 16GB so I'm good in that respect. However it still won't let me select anything higher than 1GB. It just closes itself and switches back to 1GB when I change it. EDIT: By the way I'm using 64bit Windows 7 so I don't see why it won't let me use more than 1GB...
  5. Every time I play Technic or Tekkit the game crashes after a few minutes or as I join a server. I assumed this was a memory problem so I tried to allocate more memory using the launcher. I can't change it to 1536 MB even though it gives me the option. As soon as I click Okay it closes the launcher and when I reopen the launcher it is back at 1 GB. Any suggestions on why it is crashing/why I can't allocate more than 1GB if memory is appreiciated. (No crash report btw its just a white screen until I close it)
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