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  1. Sidenote, comeback is being attempted! Currently status: Failing This time, its custom pack, but still wrapped in the same awesome sauce as always!
  2. would you like to help me fix the NEI glitch on a Tekkit 3.1.2 Server?


    the link to the solution that is posted in that thread isnt working anymore.

    Thanks in advance

  3. So ... its been a long long time since ive posted here. And im not posting with joy. Im back to post that TekkitCraft will as of next saturday shut down for good. Its been a blast while it lasted, but however we dont have the resources to continue the server, nor the will. Its time to move on, and even if there are players that are willing to continue the legacy, that will have to be done after this, TekkitCraft will shut down permanently without anyone taking over, etc etc. I know many might feel thats unfair, but i however want TekkitCraft to be known "as is", even if it could be even alot better with someone else in charge. When its time, ill request this post closed for all eternity but not deleted (hey I do like to go back and read on it from time to time, spent 1 year on this after all). And for final words: Tekkit, you guys opened up a communitydoor, even if alot of haters walked through it, that all were for the better. I might never liked how you guys did your stuff myselfe, but it was a portal to reach players easy without the part of "howto install mods" etc. Thanx for that, that cant be put a price on! Signing out (for now) Johnny aka Sp0nge
  4. Sorry for the real late reply I knew that since i talk to Alpha at a daily basis as he is our serverdev. But im glad to see that someone has taken over the project, thats really awesome!
  5. Current MCPC build for 1.4.2 is discontinued, Alpha didnt make it to "rescue" anything for 1.4.2, it was of own interest. But sparetime aint always around, and well, not that many pullrequestst were made to help sort out the build, so its still has a few faults, and as i know, it wont be updated for somethint that works. So the MCPC 1.4.2 build discussion should be left dead. In regards of Forge, its up to pluginmakers to make it compatible with it. Its totally possible, it just havent happend yet. We also have a 1.4.2 server runnning, with custom mods for landprotection etc. However, as stated, the popular plugins needs to make them selfe compatible, untill then, its mostly vanilla or bukkit for most people.
  6. Just wanted to say that the server is still going pretty strong, and the new nerfs are working as they were intended. Endgame? Its atleast harder (as in take more time now) :)
  7. Well, i know mods have allready been ported and tested. Wont take long till as many mods as in 1.2.5 is avalible for 1.4.2 where you can use plugins. This is btw a continue of the work cpw was working on.
  8. There is a CB 1.4.2 released, alphastages atm but its working :)
  9. Sorry for banning you for using your modpowers to gain advantages while in staff. Thats the reason you got banned, and you know it. Im allowing your alt on, due to its not really saying much, but i guess it would be better of without that aswell? Edit: Allowed
  10. Sorry for the connectionissues, but thats not really our fault. Our server is hosted in the US, and are affected by some bad wheater over there and we really cant do anything about that. Our TPS still have to drop under 16 TPS even with chunkgeneration (you can do /lag ingame to see the current TPS) And only parts we have removed/dissabled are related to autimatic EMC generation (thats our choise to keep EE with following nerfs related to that). And thats true. our webpage could prob be alot more uptodate, but its ingame that it happends, and what we do on our website is forumrelated 99% of the time. We never claimed to be easy ;)
  11. Ungratefully banned me when showing it? Thats mannered ...
  12. Ive asked smb, it should only be in the current version of RC thats in Tekkit, still that part is unconfirmed. (So its most likely portrelated, not modrelated)
  13. Actually, i did it wrong, but, its still the same ... one is visual, one is actually doing it.
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