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  1. In-Game Name: dman1990m Age:13 Experience with Tekkit: a couple months of single player and want to get into multiplayer Did you read the rules?:yes Why were you banned?[if not leave blank]:
  2. IGN - dman1990m Age - 13 Have you ever been banned? Why? no Experience with Tekkit? ive played quite a bit of single player and just figured out how to get servers to work so cant wait to get on one. Why do you want on the server? seems like a good server for my first tekkit server Lots of EE is disabled. Are you alright with this? Yes
  3. thanks im having a client issue atm but will be on as soon as i can!
  4. In-Game Name:dman1990m Age:13 Experience with Tekkit:about 1 month of single player no tekkit server experience Did you read the rules?:yes
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