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  1. I was just lamenting that different types of frames didn't work together. I didn't expect to be ridiculed for it. The front is a 5x5 array of AE transition planes, connected to a storage bus and Item Tesseract. I didn't have a source of power added to run the controller, but any number of engines could be used. I don't see anything black in the bottom left, but from the back of the bore it goes lever, engine, Stone (to prevent falling stuff from getting stuck). In the back is a single support carraige to support the line of blocks where the hole is. I KNOW this doesn't work. Yes, I know I can use a template carraige, and at present that appears to be the only solution. It's what I'd use if I were using this mod on a survival map instead of just experimenting with it.
  2. I know it's been mentioned, but sure would be nice if this worked:
  3. I would say just liquids. Things like buttons, levers, torches would be valid things to put on a leading edge of a carraige, and knowing whether to move them or destroy them could get complicated. As for colors, there's a few different types of colorblindness (short of not seeing color at all), and it'd be hard to make sure you had enough distinct colors for all. That being said, for me, the yellow and lime ones are indistinguishable from each other. If I had a sheet with all 16 colors I could pick out any other pairs, as shade can make a big difference. Taking wool for instance, in the default TP all 16 colors are distinct with Magenta and Purple being the closest, while in my TP Pink & Grey, and Light Grey & Cyan, are very hard to tell apart, if I can at all. Generally safe are colors 0, 1, one each of (2,3), (4,5), (6,7), (8,9), (10,11), (12, 13), 14, 15, but like I say, it varies greatly depending on the exact shades you use.
  4. As a colorblind person I don't think it'd be a problem if you made them white and black chests. Aside from being an easy to remember cue, they'd be visually distinct from normal chests, and most mod chests. (I could see white possibly being similar to a diamond chest).
  5. That sounds like a good idea to me. You could have the chest on the "back" of the engine (since per engine rules, it's used for neither carraige or signal), and have it implicitly move with the engine. Perhaps craft a a chest with bonemeal to get a "whitelist" chest, or with ink to get a "blacklist" chest. Other thoughts: Not sure how computers worked on RP frames, but I know they did. I think she must have been not destroying TEs in the same way you handle them, but I couldn't say for sure. In regards to blocks that return true for isAirBlock, such as the infamous RC tracking blocks, or wraith lighting to name a couple, I believe the proper way to handle them is exactly like air. That is, don't save any state, don't treat them as being part of a solid structure, and feel free to blow them away at any time.
  6. Do you plan to add any (perhaps configurable) power requirement to your motors in the future? This looks really cool but looks like it could be quite overpowering currently.
  7. I think as Bytemaster said, creating an entity you can parent to players might be the best way to go, as I'm not sure what kind of sync issues you might get if you just tried to move them. Other entities in the collision area I think should be able to be moved fine. For Tile Entites, are you saving them, and changing their position, or serializing to NBT and then reconstructing them?
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