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  1. I am very glad to see someone pick the mod up. I did have a feature request though. I know that FMP blocks covers can already be placed on them and everything,but I was wondering if you could add support for FMP conduits/piping ect to be ran down the middle of them.
  2. Darn to old of a version to work with the mods that use Multipart. Oh well, I shall wait. Thanks for answering =)
  3. Yeah I have used the mod in the past,I can use it for testing but the project in the end will be on a challenge/FTB Style map so do not want to build with stuff I will not be keeping. Thanks for trying to help =) Being as I only intend to keep Project red for RP replacements. No biggie I can just wait for Jakj to release a fix for the latest Multipart. What would be cool though,is if you happen to know the last version of Multipart Redstone In Motion did work with though.
  4. I know you are aware of the fact that you are not compatible with the latest Multipart,but I was wondering if you are planning to update to support it any time soon? I have some plans on a project involving Project Red and your Frames,so just asking so I can decide whether I want to wait for an update or plan a work around. Thanks,also loving the most recent changes to the Frames =) Made my day when I was able to add remove frames from a template. Keep up the awesome modding. =)
  5. Mk thanks for response, I love the way the mod is going. I understand not wanting GUI's I will see if I can think of a better way. Another great thing would be a keybind or tool to show the region a template frame will move,so for example click the finished template frame it show like a transparent box in the areas it will move. And as I typed this I thought of a betterish way to tell the frame what it can move. I tool that you click the carriage with then click the type of blocks you want it to move. That last suggestion may seem a little redundant but just popped into my head. I am sure you know and not sure how much you can do about this,but as of right now a lot of my frame machines/objects have gone missing because of server restarts when in transit and client restarts when in transit. As well there is quite a bit of flickering with moving frames, example : when incognito frame moves it flashes if your cursor is not on it. just one example. if you want a video example I can do that as well. Edit - My bad just read up I see someone already posted about things going poof.
  6. Yeah, Sorry my last post was kind of all over the place, your template blocks more or less work for what I was requesting. I just meant a new block or option for the carriages to select which blocks they move. So I could use the Blue frames to move things an no grab EVERYTHING they touch =P even though that is awesome.
  7. So just wondering any chance we could get the ability to set what blocks the frames are allowed to move in game like per frame object? So like a block to put on a frame object with a gui to select what blocks you want to move, or even exclude ones you do not want it to move. Or even set this list of allowed or disallowed blocks in the engine carriage.
  8. Hey, Great mod, just wondering if you have skype,IRC, or some easy way to chat? I have questions/ideas/thoughts I would like to chat about. Also feel free to jump on my teamspeak IP : MattaChat.no-ip.org Pass : matt
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