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  1. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] nope...i dont have any low fps..just connection lags Jipp tped me to him so im near one of his projects when i spawn... the problem is my reactor, im of thinking what will happen if it will explode..but im pretty sure there's no uranium cells..so it will be okay.. anyway i'll try to fix that..i remember it happened me once but not for a so much time(started having this probelm 30 minutes after you opened the server) hope i will be able to enter the server tommorow...
  2. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] I guess I wont be online for some days...idk why but i cant connect to the server properly... when i connect i just have a massive lag spike, i can move and stuff... but the world doesnt load , i fall to the void, etc. sometimes its loading 3-4 chunks and thats all all the other servers i play on are working well idk what is the problem with this server..
  3. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] Why the server is off??? (btw it's ame M4dScientist)
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