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  1. @DanielJin :: Hmm. in a quick survival mode - can't get it to work. Is there an image or video you can share with me how to get this working? thanks so much for the help ;D @Korialstrasz :: ty for suggestion I'll experiement :D
  2. I wish to know more and will try this out ty for the heads up :D
  3. As per 'tekkit with duncan' videos on youtube, I've set up a chest which I put all my raw ores in to. What I'd like is a wooden pipe to take them out and feed them into my macerator automatically -- But, the problem is when it gets to a new ore, it spits them out. Is there a way of having some intelligence to the wooden pipe so that it only takes an ore once the macerator has finished? cheers
  4. Worked a treat. ty (I read a post 5 mins ago saying world achor's wouldn't...tried and it does.). So ty Told you it was easy :D
  5. Hey guys. Quick easy question for you guys; Now, I know that the Nether and The End and World are only loaded on demand - as in, if you want your lava pump generator to work in the Nether, someone needs to be IN the nether. What I'd like to know is, does anyone know of any mods or plugins that will keep the nether loaded or my pump/enderchests to work whilst im in 'World' ? I've got 4 ender chests, (2x2) and i'd like you put empty cells in one, and recieve lava cells in the second without having to go to nether. Any ideas?
  6. I've got it working with latest version now. :)
  7. I've got my mac server working with latest version. I'm using a bastardadized version of CasperTheGhost's Mac Server Loader. Won't/Can't share until permission released - but it is possible.
  8. You would of updated your tekkit as the new version has been bumped to rec build. The server you're trying to connect to is still running an old version of tekkit. In the launcher, you're going to have to select an older version of tekkit to connect - or wiat for your server admin to upgrade (something I'm trying to figure out how to do on my Mac).
  9. Im not just trying to run the technic launcher, im trying to host a public tekkit server on the mac too :)
  10. Why are you posting your dribble here? You've got nothing to contribute at all. (PS No one cares what you think about mac/apple).
  11. For one, Caspertheghost is someone who developed an easy to use launcher for running tekkit on a Mac. If you don't know who he is, or what his tool does I've really no idea why you're in this thread. For two, thanks for your support but if you've not got a mac then please be aware they're completely different beasts. the way you (and I) do things on our Windows Machines is completely different to that on a Mac. For three, Caspertheghost replied to me in a PM and said he 'may' start working on his tool again in the near future --- I sure hope so.
  12. Hey there. I've been using Caspertheghost's tekkit mac launcher for a while, and i understand there's a new Tekkit version out that I'd like to upgrade to. I tried searching for him, his posts, anything related to the Tekkit launcher and it all appears to be deleted/locked off. So, I can only assume he's given up on it (?). I downloaded the updated files, and tried replacing them directly in my 'Tekkit Server' folder on my mac, then launched the auto-opener, but said it cannot access the Tekkit.Jar. So, Im a bit stuck. Any ideas? (btw, I backed up my server, so have resorted
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