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  1. I updated to 212 and I have mobhealth working again, but it's showing up in the chat box 3 times each time I damage something.
  2. So I add mobhealth in to my plugins and I can't load up. I get a shutting down internal server error. I remove it and all is fine. Why would it be doing this? Using build 205.
  3. Does anyone know why Mobhealth would show up three times for me?
  4. Mobhealth gives me 3 messages about health or enemy death when I hit/kill something.
  5. Ya.....like I said...It worked before the update I did. And I don't think the dev for RealMOTD messed with the plugin besides bug fixes and adding bolding, underlining, and strikeout to the text. It might be a bug now though because the variable for the day the minecraft server world is on doesn't work anymore for me, I just get a %day% in my server day sentence. So maybe the way to activate it through using all the colors as such, blackblackdark_bluedark_greendark_aquadark_reddark_purplegoldgrayyellowwhite doesn't work anymore.
  6. I just updated my server from 2.1.0 to 3.0.4 and now I can't get the entities portion of Rei's Minimap to turn back on. I was using RealMOTD plugin to enable it before. I tried again after updating and it's a no go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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