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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED. After doing some testing with the same server but different worlds, I realized that teleport pipes worked fine so long as we weren't playing on our main world. Considering that teleport pipes were working fine on our world in Tekkit 2.1, I focused on how the 2.1 to 3.0 upgrade process might have "corrupted" our teleport pipes. My next step was to completely remove all teleport pipes from the world, recreate the same number of them with the /give command after they were all gone, and simply replace them all by hand (assuming they were fixed). This process might make some server owners gasp, but we only have 5 players total, and the number of teleport pipes deployed in the world was only about 12. Luckily, the process worked, and upon recreating/redeploying the pipes, power and items started flowing immediately. [For server admins] The steps I did to accomplish this were simple: BACK UP YOUR WORLD. Do your best to estimate the number of total teleport pipes in your world, if you care to keep things legitimate. Write these numbers down. Stop the server. Edit .\buildcraft\config\AdditionalPipes.cfg and DISABLE item/liquid/power teleport pipes by turning their respective "enable..." values to FALSE. Save these changes. Restart the server. Join the server with your client, walk around for a minute, just to be thorough. Teleport pipes may appear invisible at this point, or they might not; preferably, they will be invisible, as this means for sure they are disabled—though this solution might still work even if they aren't. (I had success with both "invisible" and "visible" pipes, as I ran the solution on two copies of the world, but I can't explain why each attempt differed in this way.) Stop the server. Edit AdditionalPipes.cfg again, this time RE-ENABLING item/liquid/power teleport pipes by changing their respective "enable..." values back to TRUE. Save these changes. Restart the server. Devise a test of your own to see whether teleport pipes are working — give yourself a pair of power and item teleport pipes, set up a simple pipe system, separate the transmit/receive ends by great distance using World Anchors, etc. If teleport pipes appear fixed, /give yourself or others the number of teleport pipes that you destroyed, in order to restore their original quantities. Inform players that they'll have to redeploy all their teleport pipes. Proudly sip a flavorful beverage of your choice. Note: Nothing needed to be done client-side for this solution to work for us. Now that that's out of the way, I'll say that I don't think this method is the simplest or most efficient way to solve this problem; it's simply the only way I currently know how. I did look into more efficient means of destroying/restoring teleport pipes from the world, but I never had any success. I tried using mIDasGold, but apparently it only works on true blocks — pipes, however, are not blocks, but are "tile entities." I even tried to hijack a Python script that is recommended in a Tekkit forum sticky for updating a world's tile entities for the upgrade from Tekkit 2.1 to 3.0; knowing a little about Python, I did my best, but, even as it appeared to work, it would error-out halfway through editing our world with reported memory problems. With that said, if anyone knows of a good way to quickly edit (third-party-mod) tile entities such as these teleport pipes, such as to replace them with air en masse or otherwise, please share! It could certainly help resolve this problem for others in the future! In the mean time, I hope this simpler, more cumbersome method helps!
  2. saintnicster, the "Can Receive" switch was configured properly (and triple checked) each time, so that was definitely not the problem. (Note that I said "was". More to come.) And it was just for testing that I used a solar array connected directly to the energy link; I wanted to reduce the number of variables involved, and compensated by maintaining daytime using admin privileges. My permanent setup is much more versatile and convenient.
  3. Additional testing has produced additional information: First off, a clarification. Usually I am able to get two nearby power teleport pipes to "see" each other; that is, they each show "1" for the connected pipes count in the upper right corner of the GUI. However, even when they are connected to each other, power does not transmit between them. Other times, the pipes, no matter how close to each other, seem unable to connect to each other—but this, I think, is a separate problem that I will discuss later, below. When two nearby power teleport pipes are connected, I am very seldom able to get them to transmit/receive power. In my tests, I was using three MV solar arrays attached to an Energy Link, with a wooden conductive pipe outputting to golden (and later stone) conductive pipes, all powering a nearby quarry. Something I noticed was that swapping golden conductive pipes out for stone conductive pipes would sometimes fix the transmission problem and cause the quarry to rapidly power up; other times, doing this would accomplish nothing at all. I'm guessing this behavior is caused more by me actively replacing pipes than it is by using one type of pipe over another, but if anyone else experiences this, please speak up. Equally strangely, when using either golden or stone conductive pipes with this setup, if I (with my admin privileges) advanced time by several in-game hours (such as turning night into dawn), it was common for power to momentarily reach the destination quarry and cause it to turn on. By "momentarily" I mean about 1 second's worth of quarry frame building, after which things would return to an unproductive halt. I suspect this has something to do with my use of solar arrays to power the system, and therefore may not happen for others using a different power setup; nonetheless, it demonstrates another buggy behavior for these pipes that hopefully can help explain the root cause. Finally, the problem of pipes not "seeing" each other when they obviously should is, I think, one that affects more than just teleport pipes. I've noticed with more certainty lately that item teleport pipes are also very finicky when it comes to maintaining their connections to other item teleport pipes. I haven't yet tested waterproof teleport pipes, but I wouldn't be surprised if I noticed the same problem with them as well. Maybe the connection problem and the power transmission problem are caused by the same bug, or maybe they're separate bugs that together are making each problem harder to fix; I have no idea, but maybe someone who knows the code can better figure it out with this information. I plan on doing some real scientific method-inspired testing here soon; I'm sick of these pipes not working and want to get to the bottom of this. I'll post anything helpful that I find.
  4. Title: Power Teleport Pipes Not Working Whatsoever Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Java Version: Java7 64-bit Description of Problem: Power Teleport pipes don't seem to work at all since the 2.1 to 3.0.4 update I performed on our private server. For example, a quarry connected to an Energy Link via (approximately) 20 golden conductive pipes powers up in a flash; cutting a 4-block gap in the conductive pipes and placing a power teleport pipe at each new end (both on the same frequency, the receiving end set to receive, of course) provides no power at all to the quarry, despite there being only a 2-block gap for the power to teleport through. I've noticed a couple other people posting problems with teleport pipes on the forums, but no clear cause or solution has been identified. I've restarted the server program/machine many times since the transition, so this isn't simply a memory glitch. Any ideas? Error Messages: N/A Error Log: N/A
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