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  1. Name:NoxmasterV Age:17 What do you wish to accomplish?: I wish to be a part of something big, and maybe be an impact to the tekkit world. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Yeah, i have played technic/tekkit for a long time. what is the purpose of a macerator? It doubles ore production by grinding up ore into two dust each. Recommendations(if you been invited):Nope Others things i should know:I live in the United Kingdom, and have been an Admin and Moderator for many servers successfully.
  2. Is no longer looking for a LP parter...

  3. If your stil looking i need 1 more person for a lets play Tekkit im 14 so messege if your interested

  4. If anyone has a server and a camera and is around the 17 years of age mark, I would love to do a Let's Play commentary. I have nothing to do these days.
  5. Sure, sounds good. Also message me on these forums if you need me for a vid if i am not online in tekkit, i normally look here every half hour or so. Skype: NoxmasterV
  6. If you need some extra players, then i would happily step in. I have some free time xD
  7. It is shaping up very well, but i must ask for the cameraman to increase his brightness to the maximum. it will allow the viewers to see more in dark places and probably help you in the caves aswell xD.
  8. Is looking for a LP partner who has Recording and server hosting abilities.

  9. I also live in the UK and i am 17 years old male. If you mail me back maybe we can arrange something. I have a friend who also plays tekkit who lives in the US, but his work hours normally let him be on during our time zones.
  10. Hey guys, if one of you has a tekkit server with a recording software it would be fun for us both to play. Preferably just two of us on the server. No experience is needed, i can teach you as we record. I am 17 years of age and live in the United Kingdom. I also know of a few Teamspeak channels we can talk on as that is preferable to Skype, but if you wish to Skype is fine. Please post here or inbox me, I can't wait to play with someone xD
  11. And Thats why i tend to figure problems i encounter on Technic myself than on the forums, too many people who count you as a fool who will say "does not read information" in the sections provided. Not every problem has a solution to it in these forums, even if i am trying to be nice i get a sarcastic message saying "Is your computer turned on?".. Dont mean to be completely rude, but to be bold it is a bit. I dont come on the forums to see people get told to read a section that they have probably already read and couldn't find helpful.
  12. Re: Ted That is a great post, lots of effort and time went into it. i will be sure to give your server a try when i get my life sorted out a bit :0.
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