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  1. I really like this server, although, The lack of twilight forest does pose a problem. Ive been on it for awhile, and id really like to apply to be an admin, is there any way to do such a thing?
  2. 1. What is your minecraft name? Commanderpoptart 2. Do you agree to the rules, stated above? 100% 3. Do you have any questions, not listed in the 'Questions and Answers?' 4. If so, state them here: Exactly how far along is this server? is there protection everywhere? 5. Do you have any bans on record? 6. If so, why? As far as i know of, Only once when a so called "friend" banned me for an hour so he can steal all my stuff. 7. Why are you interested in SilliHex? Id like to join a Privatish Server because, generally speaking, Im relatively lonely in my own Hexxit world. 8. Have you played on any other Hexxit servers? Nope. I was supposed to get an Invite to another friend's Server to assist in a Lets play of sorts though.
  3. Username: Commanderpoptart Age: 15 Why Tekkitopia? I yearn for the Company of other users while creating my industry Your secret code: 16com
  4. *cries a manly tear of joy* finally, a tekkit server that's civil! In-game Name: Commanderpoptart Age: 14 Experience with Tekkit: ive played a good way into Technic ssp, and played a couple Tekkit servers and have been very successful! (until other crazy morons Nuked me). But i know exactly how Wiring works to minimize explosions! I have also watched a full tutorial on tekkit (Tekkit with Duncan of the yogscast) (gonna refrain from what happened in the most recent episode though, i hate war) Did you read the rules?: 4 times over! I dont want any misunderstandings happening! *salutes*
  5. im aware that Spawner GUI and Death Chest work, but i have no clue how to install them.
  6. How did you do that 0_0 ive been trying for an hour to figure it out!
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