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  1. Your logic is really retarded. If people want mass amounts of solar panels, they can build mass amounts of solar panels. I disabled some blocks that prevents mass EU production in a very small area. In what sense does that make me a selfish idiot? This was something we all agreed upon. If you have nothing remotely useful to say then please don't bother.
  2. With a great servercomputer, lag won't be a problem at all. As i said earlier: i don't think greedyness with computerpower shall ruin the gameplay of a server. I WON'T enable the MV and HV because i don't like them. And i guess that makes me an idiot?
  3. What a stupid comment. If you read one of my previous posts, you will see that i couldn't get RecipeManager to disable blocks from mods. I therefore asked for a punch in the right direction (guide, tutorial, another mod, etc.) and i have only been "justifying" my choice of removing the MV and HV recipes since j2ther's post containing a link to DisableCraft. I haven't noticed anyone treating me like i'm stupid. Perhaps i'm just socially retarded? By the way: Thanks Worked like a charm.
  4. I don't want to remove all of the compact solars. I want to keep the LV because i think they are good. You can fill your roof with them and get a decent amount of EU; Perfect. I really don't want to dive into the comparing-with-real-world discussion.
  5. The cost of a MV solar array is (pretty much) the same as 512 solar panels. Making LV, MV and HV solars the ultimate choice for _everybody_ with solar panels. Why is it ridiculous? This is how it is done in the real world. Yes, indeed, they shrink down the size. Immensely. The solar panels are designed to be a cheap way to produce renewable energy with two drawbacks: they only produce EU during the day and they take up a tons of space when dealt with in large numbers (leading to more resources put into cables). I don't want to see ONE small little box embedded in the roof of some forest-h
  6. Very simple. 8EU/block is not as overpowered as 512EU/block. Regular solar panels takes up too much space/EU and MV solar arrays gives too much EU/space. It could be interesting. I just don't have much time to fiddle that much :P
  7. I would like to disable MV and HV solar panels while keeping LV solar panels. How can i do this?
  8. How would you battle a mod like X-ray then? Or other mods, which just gives you information?
  9. So, it is possible to have a competitive Tekkit-server. With that i mean, is it possible to make a balanced, cheat-free server with this mod-pack? How do you avoid greifers/X-rayers?
  10. Title: Conductive Pipes not working with Combustion Engine Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: Windows 7 64bit Java Version: Tried both 6 and 7 Description of Problem: If a Combustion Engine is connected to a Conductive Pipe (Wooden Conductive Pipe -> Gold/Stone Conductive Pipe -> Quarry for instance) the power won't travel pass the Wooden Pipe. It works with a Steam Engine though. Steam Engine: Combustion Engine: Error Messages: Error Log:
  11. So, i have a 10Mbit/down and 2Mbit/up connection and i am getting these lag spikes (right click chest, chest opens 5 secs later ) on my Tekkit server (not local) which is on a Debian Squeeze OS. Other players don't seem to have the same problems as i am having. If i hold TAB while in Tekkit, it says i have the best ping. Is there any settings on the server or in Tekkit that i can change to improve my Tekkit MP experience? Perhaps a mod? I "pinged" my server-IP and the highest ms was 18.
  12. What is more efficient? Pumping lava to a Geothermal Generator and getting EU that way or pumping it to an Engine Generator and getting EU that way? Also, is there any loss converting LAVA -> EU -> BC POWER (compared to just LAVA -> BC POWER)?
  13. You sure about that? http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,11714.msg81619.html User called disconsented sayed 512 MB should be fine
  14. So, what is the best(cheapest) VPN-website out there when it comes to running Tekkit? Preferably, it should have a server in the EU. Is 512 MB RAM enough for 5 players?
  15. I got this with only one person on the server (not me): Will this be better on a Linux VPS? We are very early in the game, so no IC or BC stuff has been created yet (except for like an Iron Furnace).
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