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  1. IGN: Badasspick Age: 13 Project you plan to build: A massive Factory that will produce most things used in Tekkit Minecraft experience: Since 1.3 Beta Tekkit experience: About 9 months Why you want to join the server: I want to play on a server, that has a small, friendly communty. I also am looking for a server that I won't get griefed on.
  2. May I ask, why were people accepted on page 4? When I applied near the top of page 3?
  3. I don't like the idea of EVERY good item banned, especially computercraft. If you dont like things causing lag, buy a dedicated server
  4. IGN: Badasspick Age: 13 Reason for joining: I like to play Tekkit, and I think this will be a Tekkit server I can play on. Have you read the rules: Yes. Tekkit experience: Maybe 9 months, I am experienced in all mods, including Computercraft (I like to code). Although I do not use Railcraft that much.
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