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  1. I'm looking for some tag suggestions - preferably Voltz related. I currently only have "Whitelist" there and need some more.
  2. I'm sure you're sick of seeing them but I've just finished getting a new Voltz server list running and wanted to know what you thought? I had a go at recreating the logo as well. It's all based off the same tech as the FTB and Tekkit version and all of them will receive lots of updates over the next couple of months. Hope you like it. Any comments, I'll check back here or leave them in the ideas section under "support", on the site. Now to go lie down with a cup of tea.
  3. And description formatting is now available using the Markdown syntax. Tagging and cleanups next.
  4. @Ysharma: Your bug is now fixed. Description formatting went on hold again today due to more idiots spamming the site so I had to add some new features to lock down the "creation" form a bit instead.
  5. Votifier is now available! I'll be working on description next.
  6. @Jasonsj10: Yeah I intend on expanding the description format shortly. @KakerMix: My point was just to say that I collect less personal information than even you guys. I'm not out to harm the community, I am out to enjoy working on a project I have been wanting to do for a long time. Fair enough on the Launcher, I was unaware it was open source! If you think something I do on the site is going to potentially cause harm to the userbase, please let me know and I'll be happy to discuss a solution. @Ysharma: Ah, yes, this seems like a bug. You can enter the address all lowercase (mctekkit.no-ip.org) for now and I'll automatically lower the hostname for the next release.
  7. Yeah Votifier is my top priority at the moment and I'm mostly done with it. Thanks for the comments KakerMix and Cheap Shot and I understand your concerns. I'll be honest and say I do plan on adding some generic adverts to this eventually (like this forum) but I'm not doing this for the money so it's not a priority. I'll try and get the "unofficial" text into the banner for the next release but otherwise I promise to add it very soon. What I don't think is fair about your comment was warning people that they are giving me control? I'm not preventing any servers from being added to competing list sites or claiming any ownership over the data. In fact, I've built it so that there is no requirement for any personal data, whatsoever. All that is required is a server name so I can ping for the current status of the server and a password (which has industry standard hashing) to allow their server details to be modified by only the server owner. Personally I have never met any of you and yet your forum requires a confirmed email and password and your Tekkit launcher requires my actual Minecraft username and password, which is much more than I ask for, yet you don't hear me warning people against your service. I'm also not interested in making a "bidding war" list as standard adverts should be easily sufficient to let the site pay for itself assuming I reach a good number of users. If you're worried about the direction this site will take then I am open to discussion with you as to what we can do to better work in unison. In fact, I encourage it! Together maybe we can make a server list that beats the competition out of the water and that's fairer to players. The reason I made the site was to help players find a fun server that matches the player's play style, as it was something I struggled with when I first started. Currently the site is basic and groups all servers in one master list but I intend to have tag searches soon which will make the system essentially have sub-lists showing only servers that are relevant to the player.
  8. Had some spammers (idiots) earlier so I have had to put Votifier on hold until tomorrow or Sunday as I had to spend the time writing an inactivity system to hide and delete inactive servers.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Plugins, description formatting and rules; great I'll add those to my to-do. I'm currently working on integrating Votifier so players can be rewarded for voting. After that I'll finish the sitemap generation stuff and the version selector and then I'll start with a facelift and integrating the above suggestions. Shouldn't be long and keep the ideas coming. :)
  10. Thanks Aidan, really appreciate the feedback. I've been chatting with a couple of Tekkit sever admins today and the thing they want most is Votifier integration so I'll have that done before tomorrow hopefully!
  11. If there are any feature requests, please let me know here and I'll add it to my bug-tracker.
  12. I have been busy the past few days creating a new website to list and manage Tekkit servers, with voting, pinging, banners, tracking and lots more. It's still in early BETA stages and there are many, many more features I want to add (such as version tracking, mod tracking and tags) but for now we have a start. Once we have some servers in the list I can adjust the server balancing and see what exactly you guys want implemented on there. Server stats are updated every 5 minutes at the moment but this may increase or decrease when I figure out the load capacity. You can register by just entering your server's IP at: http://tekkitserverlist.com/server/new (DNS may still be propagating so use temporarily if you have any issues) Thanks and I really hope you all like it! I really enjoyed making it. The actual server list is at: http://tekkitserverlist.com (This got recycled from the server list, I hope it's allowed here)
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