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  1. 24/7 About This mod pack is built for the creative in mind . It give you what you need to build them awesome Homes and Awesome Factories you all love. I know I do ! This pack also make it so you can make awesome sites that can be connected by train stations or boat docks yes I said boats you can build custom boats 16 x 16 x 16 boats and if you do not like ether train or boats you can always travel star gate one awesome mod by gregs Installation 1. Open your technic platform 2. Click add new pack 3. In the box paste "" 4. Click "Add Modpack" 5. Log in and allow the pack to download 6. Go to multiplayer and select the server that will automatically be there! Rules No abuseing game mechanics No harassing other players No Cheats like xray Listen to all staff Mods ProjectBench by _bau5 Jammy_Furniture by Jammy780 AdvancedMachines Applied Energistics by AlgorithmX2http:// Archimedes-Ships Atomic_Science backpack by Eydamos Barrels BiblioCraft by Nuchaz bibliocraft-v134-bookcases-armor-stands-shelves-printing-presses-lamps-tables-and-more- updated-07022013/ buildcraft by Spacetoad, SirSengir, Krapht-http:// Carpenters-Slope Charge-Pads Chisel-Mod ChocoCraft compactsolars Electric-Expansion By Mattredsox and Alex_hawks EnchantingPlus By mssodin28, GnRSlash original author: xkyouchoux EnderStorage by CodeChicken ExtendedRenderer extra-bees by Binnie-http:// ExtrabiomesXL by MasterFiber-http:// forestry by SirSengir Gregs-SG Herbology industrialcraft InventoryTweaks by jimeowan-http:// Iron-Chests magical_crops crops-version-21-forge-151212a-beta-162-302-beta-available-to-download-update-070813/ mapwriter MineFactoryReloaded by powercrystals- ModularPowersuits MrCrayfishs-Furniture Natura NetherOres by powercrystals- Pam's Get all the Seeds Rhodox of the Painterly Pack Power Convertors by powercrystals- Project-Red by Eloraam ProjectZuluComplete Railcraft-Mod by CovertJaguar- Solar-Panels StevesCarts by Vswe-http:// TConstruct Thaumcraft Thaumic Tinkerer ThermalExpansion by KingLemmingCoFH- traincraft twilightforest Weather Wireless-Redstone Not enough Items by Chicken_Bones-http://
  2. hello every one i just want to say thank you for all your suport by your donations to keep the server up and running thank you agen all
  3. Sorry you feel that way Electric. We simply feel that you where not doing your job as a admin . Being gone for most of the time, your inability to join team speak and communicate with the rest of the admin team. We need staff that would be on and active, not come on fora little bit and leave. I explained this from the beginning , so you throwing a hissy here is uncalled for. Thank you for the time you did spend as admin.