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  1. whats going on with your server its been down for a while, any plans on bringing it back up?

  2. Sorry about that. xxepicpotatoxx put the server in a crash loop. He is now banned, and the item he used is banned now too (dm pedestal).
  3. Crashing seems to be fixed now, and NoItem plugin updated to block some exploits used by a griefer today...
  4. Sorry, I have been busy. The server is now back up with automatic restarts to prevent this from happening again. The server is back up!
  5. I had this issue for a long time and after some experiments I managed to fix it. Upon starting the server after uploading the files from WinSCP FTP client to the Linux VPS, I started the server. ID conflicts then appeared in the console, and then it crashed. It turns out that WinSCP was not uploading the configs properly when I left its settings on default. I changed the transfer setting to binary and it worked.
  6. I am very sorry for that. The server crashed and I due to being busy in real life, I did not have time to fix it. However, if you do come back you will find that along with getting the server back up... I fixed the mods which were previously broken.
  7. Looking for a server without abusive staff, without grief problems, and does not ban almost every item in Tekkit? You've come to the right place. Spawn: The server does not yet have a spawn building. Whoever can build a nice spawn in creative will have it become the official server spawn and receive free donor rank. This is where you will start: Server highlights: - Creative and Survival worlds. - Helpful, friendly staff. Have a problem? We are glad to help. - Easy, and powerful self-serve land protection for both creative and survival worlds (Towny, and Grief Prevention) - Auto-ranking system - no need to fill out forms just to become a member. - Hosted - The server is hosted, meaning NO HAMACHI, and very little lag, if any. - No world borders. We do not restrict how far you can explore. - mcMMO - level up as you play. Rules: - No griefing outside of the dedicated Anarchy world (coming soon!). - No hacking, or using grief clients! - Do not ask for ranks! - Swearing is sllowed in moderation and never directed at anyone. - Respect other players. If someone is annoying you, we have an /ignore command. - Keep arguments out of the global chat. Either use local chat near the person, or use /msg. - Report bugs. Do not EVER abuse them for personal gain. We may reward you for reporting a bug! - Do not attempt to acquire or use banned items. Banned items: - Watch of flowing time. - EE rings. - EE collectors. - Nukes* - ComputerCraft Mining Turtles* - World anchors. - Teleporters. - Mob eggs. (Creative) Items marked with an asterisk (*) are banned for ranks lower than Member. Ranks: - Newbie - this is the rank you will start with. Do "/ar check" to find out when you will be ranked up. - Player - The first rank after Newbie. As of right now, has no extra privileges over Newbie. This will not be the case for much longer. - Member - This is the highest rank obtainable without staff approval. Members can use some items that lower ranks may not. - Trusted - Staff approved promotion from Member. This rank will have limited WorldEdit in creative, and /nick. Not yet implemented. - Mod - Lowest ranking staff position. This rank can use almost all commands. Mods help keep the peace in the server by enforcing the rules. - Admin - Highest ranking staff position. This rank can use all commands. Admins have console and FTP access. Admins are assigned to assist with server maintaining and update decisions. - Owner - Windows_i7_920 - I pay for the hosting of the server, and set up the server. Usually I am busy managing the technical end of the server. Creative To get here use "/ewarp creative". In creative, you must protect some land before you may build. To do so, simply right click two opposite corners with a golden shovel. It must be at least 10x10 and not exceed your block allowance. As you play more, your block allowance will increase. IP: actioncraft.playmc.co
  8. IGN: Windows_i7_920 Reason for wanting to become a member: Looking for a stable Tekkit server for 1.2.5, and this one seems to be so far. Why should we accept you: I'm more mature than a lot of Minecraft players (and older... which is probably why ).
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