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  1. There is 2 others that i know of the second is not well known but its an even bigger duper than the rm furnace itself. 1:the tank cart able to do exactly what the rm furnace does 2: the mk 2 crafting table and the block breaker are used to dupe ANYTHING it doesn't even have to be stackable it just doubles it endlessly including stack so it will turn 1 stack of rm to 2 stack and 2 stacks to 4 stack and so on Edit: oh ya and i forgot to mention that the philosipherstone and all automatic crafting tables can craft banned item. ( pls say if this helped ) Edit 2: sry for late reply
  2. eemmmm what permission plugin would you use because i dont know anything about perm
  3. IGN : Xmasterchini6 reason: i want to have fun and play with my friends on a good quality server
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