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  1. I didnt mean to make a thread to argue, everybody be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this community and the technic pack and lets keep it at that ;)
  2. sorry guys for my stupid question i just tried a lot of recipes and none of them worked and i will try to use the help you gave me thanks!!!
  3. Please ive tried for a long time trying to find recipes for railcraft vanilla powered rails and it doesn't seem to work and the recipe for rolling machine doesnt work. Can someone help me??
  4. I can not make powered tracks with the new railcraft recipes nor can i make a rolling machine
  5. Im having the same problem but this thread wasnt very helpful
  6. Thanks for replying!! and what do you mean by the 4 piece set run like have wire going into a batbox then have wire just 4 blocks away into the machines and sorry bout the picture
  7. Alright so i made a bunch of water mills the other day to power all my machines and i wired them up to my base and i dont know if im doing something wrong or its a bug but when i hook it up to all the machines (macerator, extractor, 3 electro furnances) it drains the little energy arrow in like a second but my batboxes are still full. Im just really frustrated because i cant figure it out. Please help and heres a pic of my setup http://s1259.photobucket.com/albums/ii545/kamikazizombie/?action=view&current=2012-02-12_142042.png
  8. Thanks a lot for replying!! and i will try these fixes in a bit and tell you if they fix the problem!
  9. Hello, my brother and I have a private offline server that we play on and everything has been working fine. My brother used power converter to convert water power from industrial craft into buildcraft power to power a quarry. Then he shut off the server last night and when we got back in with our characters we fell into darkness and the rei's minimap said it was like at -1600 depth then crashes and gives us the internal exception: java.net.SocetTimeoutException: Read timed out. Any help would be much appreciated!
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