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  1. Server Info IP: mc.tekkit-dynasty.com Website: tekkit-dynasty.com Connecting to tekkit: Connecting to Tekkit Lite is extremely easy! About Us We are a fun 24/7 Tekkit Lite server that is always accepting new members! There is never a whitelist so come log right onto the server! We have very friendly staff that is willing to help! PVP, Raiding, and Griefing(to an extent) Is Allowed! We have many popular plugins like Factions, Essentials, Web Auction House and many more! Tekkit Dynasty is a tekkit server with Raiding, Griefing, Factions Server is running 24/7 Very Few Banned Items Player Based Auction House Banned Items Dynamite/Sticky Dynamite
  2. When will PermissionEX be operational? Hope you had a good vacation ... and Welcome Back
  3. this came from his website... [1.4.5/6/7] keepcalm's mods - Events API, BukkitForge - Now with WorldEdit! « on: November 08, 2012, 10:22:22 AM » Happy new year! I am going away for the week (until the 20th). So, not much happening in terms of anything here.
  4. I was able to get Factions working. I am now having an issue with PermissionsEx that doesnt allow the permissions to work properly. Wondering if someone knows a fix to PermissionsEX yet that way i can set permissions for my members to use Factions
  5. anyone with skype that can help me out with this? add me in skype... buddytohelpu
  6. im having trouble with bukkitforge.. i dont have forge essentials in the folders was it supposed to be? when i run bukkit plugin that says its working with it it crashed my server