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  1. To block the philosophers stone add this to your World Guard folder under WorldGuard --> worlds --> (world name) --> blacklist.txt Just add this there and that will block it! [27526] ignore-perms=usage.philosophersstone ignore-groups=(YOUR GROUPS THAT ARE ALLOWED TO USE IT) on-use=notify,deny,log,tell Hope that helps!
  2. I tested it against the Pneumatic Tube. It doesn't stop it from being placed on the ground, only when it connects to another tube it prompts you with the message "That tekkit item cant be used here". This happens with a lot of the Red Power blocks mostly, and this doesn't seem to stop it. What should i do to try to stop it? This also happens with 80% of Rail Craft.
  3. I have found a lot of bugs with the Pneumatic Tube's. The issue is that they can be placed in protected areas, can this stop it?
  4. For the Blocking System you put in does it take the item out, or just stop it from being crafted?
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