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  1. Hey guys, I have a Mac running 10.8.3 and I can't figure out how to get the bukkit plugins to work with BukkitForge or MCPC-Plus. Can anyone provide step by step instructions on how to get it to work? (if it's possible). Thanks!
  2. I wasn't seeking attention? I was just trying to help people out that were having similar problems. Get it right before you say stuff like that.
  3. IGN: LordNellyson Age:17 Location: United States I like both building and creating but mostly building!
  4. Ok, currently windows 7 on my mac is able to run technic launcher fine. Ill change my post. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Or maybe i did check the error message i got and its basically the same thing. Wh dont we wait for a response from the guy with the problem?
  6. Well thats the same exact error I got and thats what I did to fix it. The first guy never even had a problem so he doesnt even know what hes talking about if it works or not. Imnot trying to start anything and it should work cuz it did for me.
  7. W Wow i didnt know people had to be jerks all the time for trying to fix peoples problems.
  8. Go to the settings, make sure you have 1-2gb of RAM allocated, then check the PermGen Size. Fixed it for me on 10.8.3.
  9. It was from the technic team's page and that fixed my problem so I figured I'd share it because it work for me. And it's not spam, it's spreading the word.
  10. Well my problem wasn't related to ram but it fixed it and hey, I'm just trying to help people out... no need to criticize. Plus I'm new to the forums so I didn't know that I had posted the fix as a bug report. Sorry.
  11. Check the thread CRASHING FIX on the forums in Platform Pagoda.
  12. I found out how to fix the crashing modpacks (updates failing). When you start up the launcher, go to the settings icon, then allocate 1-2 GB of ram and check PermGen Size. Restart your launcher and the problem should be fixed! Enjoy! Edit- I have checked Windows 7 64-bit but I am not getting any launching or updating errors. As of now, this fix is only for Mac OS X. This fix was applied on 10.8.3 with Java 7 Update 17. Thanks! Leave a comment if it worked for you!
  13. Finally found a fix, at least for OS X. When you're in the launcher, click the little settings icon, increase your ram from 1-2 gigs and check increase PermGen Size. Should stop crashing.
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